Program Sponsors

Prosody Group, LLC


Joe Brettell, on behalf of Prosody Group, LLC, funded the Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 Adapted Aquatics program.   There are 4-5 special education and adult transition classes who participate in this program.  The school district does not cover the cost for students to participate in the program so in order to continue to provide swim for these students we rely on the community to help cover the cost of the pool rental, transportation, lifeguards, staff, and equipment.  The special education students love getting in the water and feeling the freedom of movement,  They also benefit from water safety awareness, range of motion, critical motor skills, sensory, and strategies among so  many more benefits.  We are so thankful to Joe Brettell and Prosody Group, LLC for funding the program for all participants two seasons in a row.

Dedicated Tattoo


Rosario Petralia and Jason Medina, of Dedicated Tattoo, matched funds donated from their community in Temecula, CA for a Cerebral Palsy Awareness Fundraiser they hosted in March 2019.  Rosario and Jason chose The Joy Connection to give the proceeds to for our Summer 2019 Adapted Aquatics swim program in Escondido and Carlsbad.  We were able to use the donation to provide scholarships to several families who oherwise would not have been able to participate.  

Mountain Shadows Foundation


In February of 2019, Mountain Shadows Foundation donated a para-transit bus to The Joy Connection.  This bus hosts 4 ambulatory and 4 wheelchair passengers.  The incredible donation allows The Joy Connection to provide our own transportation for students, families, and program participants, who otherwise may not be able to participate in programs and receive services due to transportation conflicts.  This allows The Joy Connection to expand programs and offer more opportunity to the special needs community than before.

Pillow Pets


In February of 2019, Pillow Pets headquarters in Carlsbad, CA donated thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to The Joy Connection.  We have been, and continue to be able to, use Pillow Pets merchandise in our event silent auctions and raffles where 100% of proceeds go towards The Joy Connection programs and activities.  In addition to selling the items to raise funding, we are able to donate items to families in need.